That’s how David Fincher portrays and kick starts the actual mood of the movie “The Social Network” in the start of the plot and that particular scene set’s the tone for the rest of the movie entirely on how this nerdy douchbag created the biggest social media platform in the history which made him a multi-billionaire as Mark progresses his life after dropping out.

Well pretty much a good yet rare experience for a drop out kid, And Now it’s time in my life to disclose the same phrase cause i feel i’m upto things which i have never dreamt of before; it’s wild and exhilarating, i’m just making sure that i can get the best of my life as I progress; I don’t aim to achieve a massive success/fame/money as zuck achieved in his entirety, i’m just trying to achieve a life with freedom to work on anything and would never worry on anything besides my only aim in life; which is to contribute something bigger to the mankind which helps progress someway towards the Type II civilisation, a stellar one, faster; yes that’s my legacy.

I want to work on some hard-science that makes me run wild on the bits and fall into trippin quantum entangled multiverses as deep i can possibly go. My huge inspiration for this is Weyland Corp; Well we all know it doesn’t exist in reality and it’s just something i can start trippin off.

But imagine a reality where we can cure cancer and find a solution for aging. People avert the idea of age reversal only cause of the fault in resource allocation; but what if we have entire galaxy as our resource.

Imagine colonizing space in a faster pace; heck imagine colonizing the entire galaxy. You will have access to a metro train which can take you to Jupiter’s moon europa or callisto for afternoon lunch and get back to work on Moonbase Artemis?.

Imagine how capitalism would work on that reality, it’d be so complicated but just i feel there might be some economists who might come up with frameworks that can possibly make them all that much simpler. Some one like satoshi? lol.

If i want to be sure of anything in my life, it’s just that i wish to be alive when all this happens to witness the beauty of human transcendence evolving technologically and biologically into a period which have never been felt before.

I want to feel the moment as sky turns from fiery yellow to orange to brown as the sun dips beneath the horizons of Titan, one of Saturn’s moon.

Have no clue on how i’m planning to contribute on that, but for time being. I have equipped myself with resources somehow accidentally such that i have things lined up ahead to start an a game changing EdTech org, Deep tech servicing industry, an obsessed readers community, an event space firm, a co-working solution and a startup accelerator.

This reality i’m living in right now is the start of wildest of my wildest delusions; it can push me high so hard or get me back down at the rock bottom; i’d never know what it got me until i press the shiny red push button which is my emotional existential crisis averting state so i can face reality as i progress.

If you are reading this, i’m pretty sure you will be only one of very few who read this boring blog but heck this is so exciting. I’ll make sure you grow along as well by sharing valuable knowledge as i progress the ladder.

And so, i guess let the hacking being.