In few more minutes 2020 will be history; i’m pretty sure this year might have changed a lot of us and i’m glad most of us used it in better way;

2020 was not easy for me either, it was way hard in extreme levels; that too the last few…

Do you have your own maker hours?

Cognitive biases; emotional thinking; Daniel Kahneman; making irrational stupid decisions; Monkey brain; Distorted vision; Behavioural psychology; Irresistive time bounded decisions; going down the broken road; phoenix mode.

The above words, they are all connected with each other and angle at one specific focal…

That’s how David Fincher portrays and kick starts the actual mood of the movie “The Social Network” in the start of the plot and that particular scene set’s the tone for the rest of the movie entirely on how this nerdy douchbag created the biggest social media platform in the…

Abishek Babu

Product architect | JTBD Evangelist |Modern Economy | Marcus Aurelius | developer() | Crypto Enthusiast | Capitalism Complexity | Principles outlive tactics

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